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Design and Creative Services From Thouq Team

Thouq is the Arabic word for taste. Accordingly, Thouq Studio is the Gulf’s hottest hub for creativity and contemporary design. Blending the best of two worlds; the essence of Arabia and the charm of the West.

Founded by four Kuwaiti entrepreneurs who came together from different creative backgrounds. Thouq Studio had inspired and worked in many projects from living rooms to office spaces and cafes.

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Creative consulting on the conception and planing of your project. Whether its residential or commercial, our team delivers exquisite and refined taste to your interior design.


Experience Thouq professional photography for yourself and your loved ones. And live the thrill of being the center of a captivating photo story with the help of our brilliant photographers and art directors.


Improve your business image with help of Thouq team. We understands and works with their client-partners on their brand’s strategy in order to deliver excellent results. Our team of talented locals is closely tied to the local market and understands its customer behavioral very well.


We are specialized in creating attractive, accessible and unique websites, using the latest web standards. We are proud to work with some of the most high-profile and interesting clients within the Gulf.


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Our Clients

360 Mall
12 Chutneys
Alothman Fashion
AM Design
ASAP Beauty
Bayan Dental
Camel Cookies
Chairman’s Club
Crystal Dental
Fendi Casa
Flower Latte
Gulf Bank
La Cherie Chocolate
Mr Cleavers
Mr Karak
Revolution Boutique
Scramble Restaurant
Teetoo Ice Cream
Villa Moda